Why Pultrusions?

What is Pultrusion?

Pultrusion is the process of pulling fiberglass reinforcements such as mats and strands through a proprietary resin and heated die. The result is a specific complex profile that can be cut to any length. This process offers speed and consistency making it the best method for producing high-volume lineal fiberglass products that require constant cross sections.



Why Choose Fiberglass Pultrusions?

The material and performance characteristics of pultruded fiberglass make it a better alternative to aluminum, vinyl, wood and steel.


Simplify Your System
Fiberglass pultrusions can be designed with multiple functions such as snap fit details that offer a complex profile that can simplify your system.

High-volume Speed and Consistency
Tecton’s manufacturing processes are tailored for high-volume products focused on speed, consistency and quality.

High Performance Finish
Advantages of Durion

    • Harder and thicker than other finishes
    • Withstands extreme climates
    • Virtually maintenance free
    • Resists chalking, fading, marring or scratching


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