Tecton’s fiberglass pultrusions are an eco-friendly alternative to many traditional materials. Choosing fiberglass pultrusions is an environmentally responsible choice.

  • Fiberglass has low embodied energy. Embodied energy is defined as “the total energy required to produce a product from the raw materials stage through delivery.”
  • As a good insulator against heat and cold, fiberglass helps conserve energy while reducing operating costs.
  • Fiberglass is a very durable material with a long life cycle. This reduces replacement costs and keeps more materials out of the landfill.
  • Our product’s main ingredient is glass, which is made from sand – an abundant resource.
  • Our products are made with 5% pre-consumer recycled content.

Tecton Products is dedicated to environmental leadership. We maintain full compliance with the 1990 Clean Air Act. Since 1994 our plant has been certified Maximum Achievable Control Technology by the Environmental Protection Agency. That means we capture and destroy 95% or more of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) generated during manufacturing.

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