At Tecton, the health, safety and well being of our associates is our #1 priority. It is more important than production, profits and serving the customer.  We have a vision to achieve and maintain an injury free workplace and we will do this by having a world class safety culture. We believe that in order to achieve our safety goals we have to get everyone engaged in safety and create a culture where safety is always at the forefront of all activities.

Marvin is very supportive of safety and has encouraged all the manufacturing sites to participate in the voluntary safety program with OSHA (VPP). When OSHA interviewed Tecton associates they were impressed by the passion and commitment to safety throughout our organization. In our most recent audit one of the OSHA inspectors stated that this is a place he would like to work.

Safety for us is simply everyone being involved and working together to continuously make improvements. There is no place that is perfect, but working together we continue to make Tecton a better place to work.