Living the Values

Our values articulate the principles that are the foundation of Tecton’s culture. 

The Tecton team lives our values every day…we use these principles to guide our decision making, provide key inputs into performance appraisals and drive several recognition programs. 

If our values resonate with you, then Tecton Products is where you should consider building your career.


Do the right thing.

This is our true north. We live this daily by acting with integrity and making honorable decisions, even when it's hard. Especially when it's hard. We are honest, genuine, and we treat others fairly and with respect because it's the right thing to do. 

Be stronger together.

We are a family. We are better and stronger when we're connected - as colleagues and teams, with our customers and partners, and in our communities. We pull together, we have each other's back, and we do our individual part well because it matters to the whole.

Think differently.

We thrive on this challenge - to think differently and find better ways of doing things. Remarkable things happen because we are empowered to act on our spirit of ingenuity. And we know our path forward is to imagine - to be curious, to be open, and to look outside our walls.  

Raise the bar.

We elevate the standard for excellence. The customer is the reason for our relentless drive to deliver products and experiences with the highest levels of quality, thoughtful design, and innovation. This commitment shapes our actions as we step up when challenged, pursue excellence, and constantly enhance and refine.

Believe it's possible.

Amazing things are possible when we believe. We choose an attitude of optimism and positivity. We have. We can. We will. 

The Marvin Companies have truly established a growth from within culture. I am proud to say I have not just found a job here, but a career.

Roxann H.
Human Resource Manager