Does STEAM Have a Place in Manufacturing Jobs?

- June 29, 2016


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Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math - STEAM. STEAM is gaining grounds over STEM (just subtract Art) as a common educational acronym to help prepare students for manufacturing jobs. Why is the A important? People who work in manufacturing jobs create functional, yet beautiful objects every day on the job, whether they are making a phone, car, or a Marvin window. Those things could be designed to be functional but lack flair. Someone made it appealing to one or more of your senses in a way that goes beyond engineering and technology.

Art is defined as the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination. Working in manufacturing jobs at Tecton allows you to apply your creativity to improve the appearance, design, and usability of our pultruded products.

Our Operators use creative problem solving skills to troubleshoot their lines. Our Inspectors not only ensure a part is well made, they ensure it’s aesthetically pleasing. Tool and Die associates design and develop our state of the art, proprietary dies that are a marvel of engineering and design. Our Engineers improve on industrial projects by considering their design, usability, and appearance. And just about everyone uses creative planning for short term goals and long term objectives.

Don’t let your job search stall – go full STEAM ahead with Tecton instead and apply today!

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