Sharpen your technical skills and be challenged!

- August 30, 2016


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Production jobs are for individuals that have great technical skills and can work quickly while being accurate. At Tecton Products, we look to hire people with those particular skills. We also look for people who like working with their hands and keeping busy.


As a production worker, you have many different key responsibilities, whether it’s keeping the process flowing or checking the quality of the product. Those are very important tasks within production to ensure the company is successful by providing the best product possible.


Tecton Products values their associates and the work that they do by giving them the right tools to be successful within their role. Our production schedule is consistent by creating a work life balance for time off during the week, as well as time off on the weekends! 


If you are looking to sharpen your technical skills and be challenged, then Tecton Products is the place for you! 

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