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Tecton Products has the capability, local, national and in-house resources and the latest technology to design and manufacture custom fiberglass pultrusions for any industry. Our success in developing custom pultrusions for diverse markets such as agriculture, building and construction and fenestration prove our excellence in the work we do and the products we produce. Tecton's experience with precision fabrication and complex profiles has proven to meet client requirements and exceed expectations. Our manufacturing facilities operate 24/7 in locations in Fargo, North Dakota and Roanoke, Virginia.

System Design Capabilities

Tecton has the capability to pultrude fiberglass profiles in nearly any cross sectional shape, size or length. If your product needs a high performance finish we offer our patented Durion® acrylic that’s harder and thicker than other finishes available today and offers excellent color retention and durability.

For applications where other materials are required we can design and source molded components.

  • complex profile designs
  • high performance finish
  • design & source molded components

Full service in-house Tool and Die

Tecton’s in-house Tool and Die department ensures the highest quality tooling for our fiberglass pultrusions giving our customers consistent quality control, confidentiality, and shorter lead times. We maintain precision tolerances that set our profiles apart.

On-site product development team

Our on-site product development team utilizes the latest technologies to maintain quality and consistency. For design validation Tecton also has the ability to rapid prototype parts.

  • complete CAD/CAM
    • pro/E
    • pro/NC
    • pro/MECHANICA (finite element analysis)
  • rapid prototyping
  • in-house Research & Development laboratory

Material properties & performance testing

Tecton offers substantial in-house testing capabilities as well as opportunities with local and national 3rd party testing facilities including Underwriter's Laboratory (UL), International Code Council (ICC) and American Architectural Manufacturer's Association (AAMA). We ensure our pultruded fiberglass products meet or exceed our client specifications for physical properties and performance.

  • certified testing facilities
  • local University laboratories
  • Marvin in-house testing labs
  • in-house testing/R&D lab

Our Durion® Finish

Our fiberglass pultrusions withstand the harshest environments, so we offer a high quality finish that will perform the same. Our patented Durion acrylic is applied during the Pultrusion process and creates a virtually indestructible bond with the fiberglass substrate. It’s harder and thicker than other high performance finishes. So, whether the final product will endure the harsh winters of Canada or the corrosive coastal climate of Rhode Island, it will maintain superior color retention, fade resistance and durability.

Advantages of Durion

  • harder and thicker than other finishes
  • withstands extreme climates
  • virtually maintenance free
  • resists chalking, fading, marring, or scratching