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What is Pultrusion?

Pultrusion is the process of pulling fiberglass reinforcements such as mats and strands through a proprietary resin and heated die. The result is a specific complex profile that can be cut to any length. This process offers speed and consistency making it the best method for producing high-volume lineal fiberglass products that require constant cross sections.

Why Choose Fiberglass Pultrusions?

The material and performance characteristics of pultruded fiberglass make it a better alternative to aluminum, vinyl, wood and steel.

Manufacturing Materials Comparison Table

Simplify Your System
Fiberglass pultrusions can be designed with multiple functions such as snap fit details that offer a complex profile that can simplify your system.


High-volume Speed and Consistency
Tecton’s manufacturing processes are tailored for high-volume products focused on speed, consistency and quality.

Stability and Thermal Properties

Chemical/Corrosion Resistance
Fiberglass pultrusions are resistant to many chemicals as well as acid rain. They can be used in chemical labs, waste water industries and harsh coastal environments where oxidation, rust or corrosion destroys traditional materials.

High Strength to Weight
Tecton’s fiberglass pultrusions are strong yet lightweight. Long parts are easier to handle and shipping costs are reduced.

Low Electrical Conductivity
Fiberglass experiences low electrical conductivity making it perfect for industries where electricity could pose a risk.

High Performance Finish
Advantages of Durion

  • harder and thicker than other finishes
  • withstands extreme climates
  • virtually maintenance free
  • resists chalking, fading, marring, or scratching

Windows & Door Frames
Fiberglass pultrusions maintain a low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) which is vital to the integrity of windows and doors. Fiberglass frames and plate glass have virtually the same CTE, which means they move together at nearly the same rate.This maintains the integrity of the window or door unit reducing the chance for air and water infiltration.

Windows and doors are one of the most vulnerable areas of any building to heat and cold transfer. Fiberglass window and door frames provide a high degree of insulation which helps save energy and maintain a comfortable environment when temperatures fluctuate.

The highly insulative qualities of fiberglass make it an ideal choice for fridge and freezer applications. It keeps cold air in and warm air out and is also resistant to condensation.

Lap siding made with fiberglass pultrusions withstand extreme temperatures. A low CTE means seams can be butt jointed with no worries of buckling or unsightly gaps as temperatures fluctuate.

Fiberglass does not distort at temperatures up to 350° F and will not become brittle in winter cold.

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